Certified quality

Certification of our products

Quality Policy

VISION - How we imagine our company

The primary objectives of our business are:

  • safeguarding the safety of users of our products
  • satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our customers
  • never be satisfied with the results achieved, but pursue innovation and continuous improvement of the internal organization, products and service

MISSION - What sets us apart

The peculiarity of our company is to offer, in addition to a wide range of standard products, products designed to customer specifications of high quality level and, thanks to a streamlined and flexible structure, a service attentive to every need starting from an approach aimed at establishing a direct and personal relationship.

POLICY - How we intend to achieve our goals

With the belief that doing things right from the first time brings real benefits to us and our customers to the extent that they both satisfy us, our strategy is to:

  1. maintain a quality system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 in order to give the customer adequate confidence in all our processes from the design to the shipment of the exchanger
  2. establish partnership relationships with our suppliers in order to ensure controlled management of the entire production cycle starting from the procurement of the necessary materials and services
  3. support a continuous commitment:
  • of the technical office in the study of new technical solutions in compliance with the product safety principles and, in particular, in compliance with the PED Directive and, where applicable, with the ATEX directive
  • of the commercial function in studying the market and identifying new needs or expectations from customers
  • of the entire company in identifying the improvement points of our internal organization
  1. convinced that staff is our most precious resource:
  • maintain an adequate level of sensitivity towards customer needs in order to understand and satisfy their needs through their work
  • maintain an adequate level of competence and awareness, understood as the ability to deal with technical and management problems without improvisation and in line with customer expectations
  • create a work environment capable of attracting talented people and which will allow them to fully develop their potential

Date: 28 June 2018 Direction: Riccardo Fusi



ISO 9001



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