Shell and tube heat exchangers standard

fascio tubiero

It is a kind of heat exchanger design

It is the standard class of heat exchanger and it is used for higher-pressure applications.




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BCF heat exchanger series is particularly indicated for applications in the oleodynamic field and with water - water fluids. Its applications has been extended to the naval field with series HCF (from which it differs for the materials employed) amd to applications with aggressive fluid/environment with series SSCF, completely realized in stainless steel.


The BCF/HCF exchangers series are employed in the industrial, naval and civil fields for the following applications:

  • to cool oil (press oleodynamic, machine tools, extruders, compressors).
  • to cool marine engine.
  • to heat swimming pools.

The SSCF exchangers series are specifically employed in the chemical and pharmaceutical field.



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