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AEM - BEM Series

AEM - BEM Series 



High thermal efficiency heat exchanger with fixed tube bundle.
In case of particularly severe temperature conditions it should be necessary to install on the shell an expansion joint.


  • To cool or heat water, oil, steam at low pressure, process fluids in general (petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutics, textile industry).

The higher-fouling fluid should flow inside the tubes.

The materials usually employed are: carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloys.
Different materials can be adopted on request. The design temperature and pressure are strictly connected to the service and meterials required. These heat exchangers can be designed and construed in accordance with the main intenational standards and codes (ASME, TEMA, VSR, EN 13445).

If applicable, heat exchangers can be CE - ∈ marked, in conformity with PED and/or ATEX Directives (97/23/CE - 94/9/CE).



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